Your Test Automation is Completely Obsolete Antiquated Archaic Out-of-Date

Most companies still have a heavy investment into manual testers. Their automation takes significant time to maintain and keep useful. Many companies still use a process that produces unknown quality, slow release cycles and a heavy cost to their organization.

The information on our site is intened for organnizations that are ready and willing to move out of obsolete technology and improve QA quality, reduce effort and enable their QA group to be a profit center.


Step 1

Whether starting from scratch, or leveraging existing automated test cases, our ‘AI Enabled Auto-Discovery’ tool is implemented for all interactable elements in your user interface.

Step 2

Our own neural network, a 'combinatorial nueral network' is used in conjuction with our self learning/improving compoents.

Step 3

Our components generate infinite combinations of actions, execute them, and produce results. They learn your application(s) better than any human user ever could.